Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils, Serve-ware, Tableware, Cutlery and Dinner Set

In ancient time to modern time Indian food preparation utensils are vary from clay or terracotta, brass, copper, bronze, aluminium, iron to stainless steel and even in precious metal like gold & silver.

These days stainless steel products are designed and constructed with full understanding of the product's use, the design process draws on decades of experience in providing kitchenware that are both durable and elegant as copper ware were produced for Indian cuisine in earlier time.

Stainless Steel is a composite of different steels and varies in terms of grades for different uses.This set was specifically designed for those who are serious about good health and good cooking. All pieces have a polished finish on the outside and easy grip handles.

Utensils such as knives, forks, and spoons used as tableware are collectively known as cutlery. Cutlery adds beauty to any table. Also referred to as tableware, cutlery implements for cutting and eating food. They refer to any hand utensil used for preparing, serving and especially eating food. A classic design with softly rounded lines which fit perfectly in the hand. An elegant and practical cutlery available in stainless steel. A stylish and practical model with a mat finish.Timeless design which with its simple form and shape has developed into a classic.Cutlery that in a modern and simple form, inspired by ancient Nordic language with a combination of an elegant form. The rust-proof stainless steel is used to churn out an impressive range of cutlery sets, which may be available separately as spoons, forks &  knives.

Forks -  Forks are elegantly designed in stainless steel and absorb heat quickly retaining it to maximum efficiency. They are used for blending, mashing soft foods such as fruits & vegetables and also for placing and turning foods. Some forks are used for having dinner, some for having supper while some are used for having salad.Well-polished stainless steel forks are quite appealing and have sturdy shafts and tines.

Knives-  Knives come in different types and styles depending on their usage. There are some knives used for peeling and slicing small fruits and vegetables, while there are others used for slicing through small pieces of meat, cold cuts, or fruit. They may have handles made of riveted plastic, ergonomic stainless steel, non-riveted plastic or wood.

Spoons -  Depending on usage, spoons are also of various types. Likewise there are Tea Spoons, Serving Spoons, Dessert Spoon and so on. Forks are also used for different purposes. Made of  stainless steel, for your kitchen utensils the attractive spoons have a lustrous finish that do not need polishing and are easily washable. Cryogenic properties are its important features and thus offer high durability. Being sturdy, durable and comfortable, the handles adapt to fit your grip and do not slip, even when wet. Stainless steel knives may be used as table wares or for varied cutting purposes in the kitchen.

Tea Coaster -  Tea, Coffee and cold drinks in elegant cups, tall glasses or rugged mugs.
Very refreshing,We offers protection with art stylish traditional design products that face heat, cold or moisture with equal confidence. Useful in homes and offices when serving tea, coffee or drinks. Coasters are great budget gifts and durable .Coasters made by us are durable, long lasting and recyclable. High quality and clarity of printing.Available in custom sizes and shapes.

Dinner Set -  Our new stainless steel Cookware is the best. It combines the beauty and excellent heat.Great look with latest designs.We all agreed this set scored better than the other higher cost brands.This cookware was designed to last for generations.The long ergonomic polished solid stainless steel handles combined with large heavy stainless rivets and pure stainless steel lids keep the flavors sizzling and locked in the pan. This is your perfect choice for new cookware. The "full cap" base has an aluminum core for even heating and the stainless steel body offers lasting beauty. The handles are a traditional style that works in the most modern kitchens. With the "Full Cap" Base Advantage, a stainless steel protector surrounds a thicker aluminum core for easy maintenance and better heat distribution. Since the entire surface is stainless steel, cleanup is easier. Enjoy a lifetime beauty.

Care Tips - Stainless steel is all the rage for kitchen appliances and decor, and is still a prime choice for high-end cookware. But a wet rag won't always take the goo off, and often leaves streaks and dark spots. Here are several inexpensive, natural ways to clean the material using household products.

  • The gentlest method of cleaning stainless steel is to simply wipe the surface with hot water and a soft, clean cloth.
  • If plain water leaves behind some dirt or grease, try adding a gentle detergent to the water.
  • Grease can be dissolved with rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth.
  • Stubborn or burnt-on stains can be scrubbed off with a soft cloth and a paste of baking soda and water.

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