Religion & Spirituality

India, home to a billion people of many different faiths, exemplifies unity in diversity. For Indians, religion, like tradition, is an integral part of life; it is not distinct from every day living. Secular India is home to Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and several other religious traditions.

Religion & Spirituality- Natraj Brass Statue Sculpture
Sculptures are one of the oldest Indian arts present in largely unchanged form. The Indians had created a repertoire of unique sculpture shapes and design elements. The variety and beauty of these creations are prized throughout the world. Sculpture crafts are ideal for starting an Indian art collection. Collectors can choose from different styles of sculptures and figurines in bronze, brass, wood, stone and iron. With each sculpture being hand carved, these make excellent decorative pieces.

Religious books(like; BhagvadGita, Ramayana) written by great philosophers and various gurus, are one of the best medium to understand Indian culture & Religion. These books give an extensive insight into the mystic world of mythology, the Indian religion and Indian religious philosophy.

Use of worship accessories has maintained the classic combination of function and beauty. The various metals used for making these accessories include brass, copper, bronze, bell metal, silver and gold. Lamp is the most common accessory, kept in every Hindu house as a sure sign of prosperity and good luck. Every object associated with the ritual of 'Puja' or worship is symbolically significant.

Hindu Art has many forms like Patachitra, Madhubani, Pen painting, Yantra and Batik. These are various kinds of paintings made by rural Indian artisans.

Patachitra Hindu Religious Painting
Patachitra Hindu Religious Painting