Monday, December 27, 2010

Woodwork of Kashmir In India

In ancient India the woodworker held a very important place in society. From a very early date, the art of carpentry was recognised as an essential part of community work. Ane the Brihat Samhita and Shilpa Shastra, two ancient Hindu texts on the arts, provede detailed instructions on the correct methods to fell trees, season wood and make varios wooden objects like - Wooden Boxes, Wooden Jewelry Boxes,Wood Carving, Wood Sculptures, Wood Comb and many others.

Woodwork of Kashmir In India

Kashmiri Woodwork

Woodwork of Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir, with its dense forests and wide variety of trees, has a rich tradition of wood carving and architecture. History tells of the old, 12-storey high wooden palace of Srinagar which was unfortunately set on fire by invaders during reign of King Harsha.This tradition of wooden architecture and craft reached its excellence between 1420 and 1470.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hand Embroidered Decorative Indian Cushion Covers & Pillow Cases

Hand Embroidered Decorative Indian Cushion Covers & Pillow Cases
These Throw Pillow Covers or Cushion Covers are block printed or hand embroidered by the workmen in India. Throw pillow covers from India are of several kinds – embroidered throw pillow cases from Kashmir, silk and brocade throw pillow covers from Benaras, block printed cotton throw pillow covers from Rajasthan and tribal embroidered throw pillow covers from Gujarat.

Hand Embroidered Gujrati Cushion Cover

All four varieties come in standard sizes of 16x16 inches. However, block printed throw pillow covers also comes in larger size of 24x24 inches. These are embellished with traditional Indian handwork, these cushion covers from India are ideal for your sofa, chair, and couch or even for your outdoor lounge.

Throw Pillow Covers Brocade Silk Cushion Covers

These throw pillow covers are unique for the quality of workmanship. When you want to give your bedroom and living room Asian style country look or rustic look that is also elegant, go for these throw pillow covers. They are not just another throw pillow covers; they are works of art; they have soul.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Back Belly Chain - Women's Body Jewelry

Back Belly Chain  Womens Body Jewelry

Belly chains, also known as girdles or waist belts, are worn generally by women, for the sake of fashion, or for holding the lower garments and the belly tight, or both. Some belly chains are small and light, while some are heavy. Although many belly chains are worn tightly on the waist, there are also others that simply rest on the hip. Circular rings alternate through the chains, and the wearer can adjust them across the waist by putting the fastening device at one end of the chain through one of those circles, as per her waist length.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gudari - Cotton Bed Spreads Block Print Vegetable Dyes Coverlets from India

Popularly known as Gudari, these Bed Spreads or Coverlets are made of double layered handloom woven cotton fabric. Gudari is hand block printed in vegetable dyes and embroidered with colorful threads. The floral motifs favored by the printers of Bagru and Sanganer are Persian in origin, though Sanganeri designs are more sophisticated. Block printing has become popular because the simple process can create such sensational designs and patterns. The main tools for printing are wooden blocks in different sizes called Buntas, made of seasoned teak wood. Block printing is practised all over India where a bleached cotton or silk fabric is printed with the help of carved wooden blocks.

Gudari - Cotton Bed Spreads Block Print Vegetable Dyes Coverlets from India

Block printing is practiced all over India where a bleached cotton or silk fabric is printed with the help of carved wooden blocks. Block printing is popular because of the rich and vibrant colors. India has been renowned for its printed and dyed cotton cloth since the 12th century. The art of Hand block printing was passed from generation to generation and employed use of natural colors.

Block Print Vegetable Dyes Coverlets
Ahmedabad, Sanganer, Bagru, Farukhabad and Pethapur, are the main centers of hand block printing in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Bagru and Sanganeri prints are not easily distinguishable but on a closer observation the difference between the two are revealed. The Sanganer prints are always on a white background, whereas the Bagru prints are essentially in red and black. Artistry and intricacy characterize the designs of Farukhabad. Other notable centers are Pethapur near Ahmedabad and Banaras. Banaras block prints which makers design their blocks to suit fine silk printing - sometimes each design has seven colors.

Bed Spreads

Block designs get bigger and bolder and the delicacy is lost as one moves towards the south or towards Calcutta. Today, Andhra Pradesh is a large center for hand block printing. Lepakshi prints of Hyderabad are very popular. Ajarakh prints, primarily intended for garments for men, originated in Gujarat is popular even today.