Monday, December 27, 2010

Woodwork of Kashmir In India

In ancient India the woodworker held a very important place in society. From a very early date, the art of carpentry was recognised as an essential part of community work. Ane the Brihat Samhita and Shilpa Shastra, two ancient Hindu texts on the arts, provede detailed instructions on the correct methods to fell trees, season wood and make varios wooden objects like - Wooden Boxes, Wooden Jewelry Boxes,Wood Carving, Wood Sculptures, Wood Comb and many others.

Woodwork of Kashmir In India

Kashmiri Woodwork

Woodwork of Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir, with its dense forests and wide variety of trees, has a rich tradition of wood carving and architecture. History tells of the old, 12-storey high wooden palace of Srinagar which was unfortunately set on fire by invaders during reign of King Harsha.This tradition of wooden architecture and craft reached its excellence between 1420 and 1470.

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