Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Devi Lakshmi, The Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and Love

According to Hindu scriptures Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of Vishnu. When the gods were exiled, Lakshmi took refuge in the ocean of milk. She was reborn when the ocean was churned. As soon as she appeared, the gods fell in love with her. Shiva, claimed her, but her hand was given to Vishnu. Lakshmi was reborn as Vishnu's consort in every incarnation of his, as Sita, Radha and Rukmini. In the Hindu gods and goddesses, Lakshmi is the Goddess of light, beauty, good fortune and wealth.

Devi Lakshmi, The Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and Love

Maa Lakshmi Statue

Devi Laxmi

Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth

Goddess Laxmi with Lord Ganesha

As the goddess of wealth, prosperity, good harvests and of love, Lakshmi is one of the most popular goddesses of the Hindus. Also called Sri, the beautiful, she is the epitome of feminine beauty. Lakshmi is the gentle and generous provider of riches and so every Hindu home has its shrine to her, as do workplaces. The presence of Lakshmi brings good fortune and wen she leaves she takes fortune with her. So the radiant Lakshmi who is easy to please is propitiated with puja and flowers everyday.

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