Friday, August 05, 2011

Garnet Jewelry Healing Gemstone for Protection & Purity

Garnet Jewelry Healing Gemstone for Protection & Purity
The deep garnet is associated with the kundalini-fire (or primal-fire) of transformation, which is the integrating fire that assists the kundalini up the spinal column. It is a stone of passion that sometimes needs to be transformed into the power of purity. It is with purity of heart that we are able to see God. In the temple of the human body, the sacred spinal fire lies coiled like a snake and is called the "sacred stone." It is awakened and lifted upward toward the head by the process of transmutation. The sacral plexus is red, but when the fire is lifted toward the mid-section of the body it functions under the blue ray; as it nears the spiritual centers it becomes the purple violet ray. The red garnets help energize and bring the circulation level to normal if deficient. They also work with the generative system and stimulate the sexual drive.

Garnet Gemstone Beads
The pink violet shades work on regeneration and transmutation. All garnets give energy and courage, but beware of passionate love for it can turn hate because of jealousy.

Garnet Gemstone Healing Beads Necklace

Garnets aid the imagination, and protect against depression and impure thought. They should be worn in cases of rheumatism and arthritis. The garnet lies dormant until it is polished.

Cushion Cut Garnet Ring

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