Monday, April 04, 2011

Jewellery Setting - Making of Jewelry

If you thought making jewellery was merely the job of a designer and his craftsman, you can think again. In Rajasthan, it employs different skills and includes the following specialized workers:

Jewellery Setting - Making of Jewelry
CHHATERRA: His task is to engrave the ground for the setting of the stones.
KUNDANSAAZ: Sets the uncut stones in lacquer and antimony and cold sets it with hammered gold wire.
MANIHAR: He prepares the enamels that will be poured into the hollows to create the patterns.
MINAKAAR: The enameller places the enamels and firesthem individually.
NYARRIYA: His task is to refine the gold. Usually 22 ct gold is used for the making of kundan jewellery.
PATWARI: Provides the finishing touch in the form of the gold and silk cord required by the wearer, and is also responsible for stringing the beads, where required.
SANGSAZA: His job is to polish the stones, and cut them, sometimes carving decorative motifs on to the stone.
SONAR: Literally the goldsmith, he prepares the bezels and moulds for setting the stones. He is also responsible for polishing and cleaning the jewelry once everyone else's task is done.

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